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Adair County
County Seat:  Stilwell, Oklahoma

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Adair County


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Adair County is located in eastern Oklahoma, bordered by Arkansas. Created in 1907 from the lands of the Cherokee Nation's Going Snake and Flint Districts, Adair County was named after a well known Cherokee family. Stilwell, formed in 1897, has been the county seat since 1910.

Primary industries of the county include food processing and canning, poultry raising, cattle ranching and horse breeding.

The Annual Strawberry Festival is held in May to celebrate the strawberry, a principal crop of the area.

Sites of interest within Adair County include the site near Westville of the Old Baptist Missionary Church, built by the "Trail of Tears" Cherokees in 1836. A marker stands near the community of Watts recognizing Fort Wayne, a military post established in 1838 and abandoned in 1842, although it was reactivated and was the site of a Civil war battle in 1862.

Area - 569 Square Miles - Recreation Area - Adair Major Stream Systems - Illinois River, Sallisaw and Little Lee Creek

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More History - Adair County from Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture


Offsite: Franklin Reed Mitchell (1869-1938) is the focal character of the book, but there are 89 biographies of family members in the book, many of whom lived, or are still living, in Adair County. The book is entitled The Franklin Reed Mitchell Family of Adair County, Oklahoma - A History and Genealogy. The book is currently available in Kindle format on Amazon.com.  



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Towns Still in Existence

Ballard / Baron / Blanch / Bunch / Christie / Lyons/ Proctor / Stilwell / Watts / Westville

Site and Towns No Longer in Existence

Addielee, 1914-1943 / Baptist, 1881-1912 / Baptist Mission, 1839-1866 
Bidding Springs, 1912-1928 / Dannenburg / Echota, 1921-1937 / 
Fairfield Mission, 1829-1865 / Flint (present Stillwell) - 1846-1896/
Fort Wayne, 1838-1842 and 1860-1862 - Site of Civil War Battle /
Golda's Mill - 1836-19?? - Import Mill / Greasy - 1920-1921 / Lyons, 1909-1923 / 
Piney, 1913-1921 / Mayes, formerly Sallisaw, 1888-1896 / Tomy Town, 1936-1938/ Wauhillau, 1879-1935 / Titanic, 1916-1927


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