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Ellis County

Section 9 - Township 19N - Range 24W became county seat 1 Oct 1908. 
Post Office established 20 Jun 1902.
Named for A. S. Arnett, a minister of Fayetteville, WV. by William Brown, first Postmaster.
Section 2 - Township 23N - Range 26W Located in the northwest part of Ellis County.
Post Office from 18 Feb 1902 - 31 Jan 1970
Named for Catesby ap Roger Jones, hero of the Mexican and Civil Wars
Section 14 - Township 23N - Range 25W 13 miles northwest of Gage.
Post Office from 29 Jan 1902 - 15 Mar 1937
Name was coined from the first letter in the names of six local families.
Carey, Hull, Adams, Nichols, Edmonds, Yarnold.
Section 23-24 - Township 22N - Range 23W 13 miles southwest of Woodward.
Post Office established 14 Oct 1893, and was named Whitehead. 
The name was changed to Oleta 24 Aug 1901 and to Fargo on 17 Feb 1905
Took its name from Wells Fargo Company.
Section 3-10 - Township 21N - Range 24W 7 miles northeast of Shattuck
Post Office established 5 Feb 1985.
      In July 1887, a side track and a station for the Railroad were established near the conflux of Wolf and Little Wolf and named GAGE in honor of Lyman J. Gage, a prominent Chicago financier and banker who was later Secretary of Treasury under President McKinley. Also under President Theodore Roosevelt from 1901-1902. 
     The town was incorporated 15 May 1904 in Woodward County, Indian Territory of Oklahoma with a population of 800. The town consisted of three churches, two newspapers, two banks, a flour mill, a cotton gin, a broom company, a telephone system, three hotels, 2 drug stores, one grain elevator, six general stores, two hardware stores, one music store, two Doctors, two Dentists, three coal companies, a cold storage house, three livery barns, one sale stable, three implement houses, three blacksmiths, three meat markets, one lawyer, one undertaker, one machine shop and two realtors
     In 1995, the population was 473. The town consists of seven churches, a Quick Stop, a cafe, one bank, a post office, five beauty shops, an accounting firm, a cattle and feed company, two mechanic garages, a pet store, a feed mill, a transport company, a tavern and "Junky Jim's" a junkyard art shop. 
      Helen Lauretta McConaughy, daughter of Albert and Laura McConaughy, was born 1 May 1895 in a log cabin on the land homesteaded by her grandparents, John and Ida Barr. Helen is reported to have been the first child born in Gage.
Section 24 - Township 20N - Range 26W 12 miles west of Arnett.
Post Office from 31 Oct 1901 - 30 Sep 1916
Original town site name was Holstein. 
Named for George L. Goodwin, assistant treasurer of the Santa Fe Railway.
Section 4 - Township 19N - Range 22W   11 miles east of Arnett. Post office established 4 Apr 1906
Named for Judson C. Harmon.
Town of Shattuck, OK Web Site
Section 27-28 - Township 21N - Range 25W 9 Miles northwest of Arnett.
Post Office Established 17 Nov 1893
Named for George O. Shattuck, Director of the Santa Fe Railway.
Section 34 - Township 22N - Range 26W

Towns in Ellis County that have vanished 
or the name changed to something else.

Section 36 - Township 22N - Range 26W 10 miles northwest of Shattuck.
Post Office (Historical) from 10 May 1902 to 31 May 1909. 
Named for Queen Alexandra of England, Consort of Edward VII.

Section 33 - Township 19N - Range 25W 7 miles southwest of Mutual
Post Office (Historical) from 29 Aug 1902 to 14 Feb 1906

Section 19 - Township 19N - Range 22W Near Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 9 May 1905 to 14 Feb 1906
Named for Anita Neher, daughter of J. E. Neher, first Postmaster

Section 5 - Township 20N - Range 23W 5 miles northeast of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 15 Feb 1903 to 30 Sep 1905

Section 22 - Township 24N - Range 25W 5 miles southwest of May
Post Office (Historical) from 6 Aug 1903 to 15 Nov 1906.
Name came from the community adjoining Jerusalem in the Holy Land.

Section 29 - Township 18N - Range 26W 15 miles southwest of Arnett.
Post Office (Historical) from 30 Jun 1909 to 31 May 1932

Post Office (Historical)

Section 11 - Township 19N - Range 21W 7 miles west of Vici
Post Office (Historical) from 4 Jun 1901 to 30 Jun 1911

Post Office (Historical)

Section 32 - Township 20N - Range 24W 2 miles north of Arnett.
Post Office (Historical) from 25 May 1901 to 14 Feb 1906.
Named for Elgy Craft, the first Postmaster.

Section 3 - Township 20N - Range 23W 8 miles northeast of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 5 Mar 1903 to 14 Dec 1912

Post Office (Historical)

Section 31 - Township 18 - Range 24W 11 miles south of Arnett.
County seat of Day County, OK. Territory, from 8 Mar 1895 until statehood.
County seat of Ellis County from statehood to 26 Aug 1908
Post Office (Historical) from 4 Nov 1892 to 30 Sep 1943
Named for Grandville Alcorn, son of Robert Alcorn, a county judge.

Section ? - Township 24N - Range 23W 6 miles southwest of Fort Supply
Post Office (Historical) from 19 Feb 1901 to 26 Oct 1906

Post Office (Historical)

Section 8 - Township 19N - Range 26W 12 miles west of Arnett.
Town site plat filed 9 Sep 1907. Name changed to Goodwin

Section 11 - Township 17N - Range 22W 11 miles northwest of Leedy
County Seat of "E" County, Oklahoma Territory
County Seat of Day County, OK Territory until 8 Mar 1895.
Post Office (Historical) from 29 Mar 1892 to 28 Feb 1918
Name coined from the word Iowa 

Post Office (Historical)

Post Office (Historical)

Section 12 - Township 17N - Range 26W 14 miles southwest of Arnett.
Post Office (Historical) from 24 Mar 1902 - 30 Sep 1909
Named for Little Robe, Cheyenne Chief. 

Section 9 - Township 19N - Range 25W 6 miles west of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 6 May 1904 to 14 Oct 1905.
Named for Jacob J. Loewen, first Postmaster.

Section 4 - Township 16N - Range 23W 7 miles south of Peek
Post Office (Historical) from 15 May 1903 to 30 Jun 1910

Post Office (Historical)

Section 9 - Township 17N - Range 24W 12 miles south of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 19 Sep 1905 to 15 Nov 1906
Name came from Milan, Sunmer County, Kansas.

New Goodwin 
Section 23-24 - Township 20N - Range 26W 12 miles west of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 31 Aug 1909 to 15 Aug 1913.
Named for George L. Goodwin

Section 23-24 - Township 22N - Range 23 W Formely Whitehead, 13 miles southwest of Woodward
Post Office name changed to Oleta 24 Aug 1901
Changed to Fargo on 17 Feb 1905
Named for Oleta Ooley, daughter of David Ooley, an early settler

Section 10 - Township 19N - Range 22W 13 miles east of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 19 Aug 1902 to 8 Dec 1917

Section 35 - Township 18N - Range 23 W 14 miles southeast of Arnett.
Post Office (Historical) from 15 Feb 1906 to 15 Dec 1954
Named for Vestal Peek, local landowner.

Section 9 - Township 17N - Range 24W 12 miles south of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 31 Oct 1904 to 15 Feb 1908
Named for Burr H. Pinkston, town site owner.

Section ? - Township 24N - Range 26W 3 miles northwest of Catesby.
Post Office (Historical) from 18 Mar 1907 to 30 Apr 1908.
Took the name from the surrounding plains.

Section 3 - Township 19N - Range 22W

Section 18 - Township 19N - Range 22W 2 miles south of Harmon
Post Office (Historical) from 15 May 1903 to 15 Feb 1907

12 miles southeast of Arnett
Post Office (Historical) from 26 Jul 1902 to 28 Feb 1919
Took its name from Appeal to Reason, a widely-read populist journal of that time.
Published by Fred Warren

Section ? - Township 23N - Range 23W 10 miles southwest of Fort Supply
Post Office (Historical) from 10 May 1902 to 31 May 1908

Section 12 - Township 18N - Range 21W  7 miles west of Camargo
Post Office (Historical) from 2 Feb 1894 to 30 Nov 1914

Post Office (Historical)

Section 35 - Township 19N - Range 23W,
Post Office (Historical)

Section ? - Township 20N - Range 23W 9 miles southeast of Gage
Post Office (Historical) 4 Jan1904 to 30 Sep 1905
Named for Valorous Cole, first Postmaster.

Section 22 - Township 17 - Range 26W 16 miles southwest of Arnett.
Post Office (Historical) from 13 Jan 1906 to 30 Apr 1910
Named for John Weeks, first Postmaster

Section 23-24 - Township 22N - Range 23 W  13 miles southwest of Woodward
Post Office (Historical) established 14 Oct 1893
Named for E. E. Whitehead, an early druggist.
Or name given to the crossing by men working on the Santa Fe because an old white-haired man,
living north of the tracks in a dugout, waved to them each morning. 
Name changed to Oleta 24 Aug 1901

Post Office (Historical)

Section 21 - Township 22N - Range 25W 6 miles north of Shattuck.
Post Office (Historical) from 28 Feb 1903 to 30 Jun 1905
Name came from Prisoner of Zenda, novel by Anthony Hope.


Indian Chief


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