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Garvin County
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This County is available for adoption, if interested please e-mail the State coordinator and/or the Assistant State Coordinator for details.

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1844 - 1908
Garvin County's
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Garvin County was originally a part of Pickens and Pontotoc County Districts of the Chickasaw Nation.
The dividing line was the Washita River, so most of the current Garvin County was in the Pickens District. The division into smaller counties came in 1907 with statehood and formally permitted non-native settlement. However, even before non-native settlement was permitted in the Chickasaw Nation, the illegal non-native settlers far outnumbered the Chickasaw people. Only a small number of non-natives had formal permission to reside in the Nation, usually because they had professional services to offer that the Nation wanted to have available. Because of rapidity of settlement and the sheer numbers involved, however, only a small percentage of the "intruders", as the illegal's were known, were ever formally prosecuted and therefore appear on the Intruder Rolls of the
Chickasaw Nation, IT

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1809 - 1893
Pauls Valley's
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Wynnewood Confederate Veterans   Listing by Michael Grissom

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Communities of Garvin County

Antioch Elmore City Hennepin Katie Maysville Pauls Valley Purdy Tussy Whitebead
Foster Erin Springs   Lindsay Paoli Pernell Stratford Wallville Wynnewood

Neighboring Counties

Grady County Carter county Stephens county Pontotoc County McClain County Murray county

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Garvin Co

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