Garvin County
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Pauls Valley

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Garvin County, Wilson School School, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

Wilson School
Dist No. 20

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Pauls Valley, Garvin County

From information at the Nora Sparks Warren Library in Pauls Valley.   This information may not include all classes. 
Spellings are exactly as the teachers have written them or as they appear to the transcriber and may be in error.


Teacher - Mrs. Delia Hamilton, of Pauls Valley
Year Beginning Jan 13, 1919 and Ending May 30, 1919
White school, Number of months taught- 5,  Number of days school was taught- 118, Number of visits by superintendent- 1,
Grade and kind of certificate held by teacher - 2nd County,  Salary of teacher per month - $75.00, Number of 8th grade applicants for diplomas - 2,  Number of pupils failing in year's work - 21, Number of acres in school site - 1, Number of teacherages in district - 3

Name Age Sex Days Attended
L.D. Anderson 9 M 58
R.B. Anderson 11 M 49
Walter Anderson 7 M 57
Lela Ashton 9 F 17
Lena Ashton 13 F 14
Dorothy BeaM 6 F 2
Lee Beam 10 M 1
Austin Berry 9 M 96
George Berry 15 M 93
Albert Bonds 6 M 5
Fred Coffey 8 M 5
Vera Coffey 6 F 3
Hubert Covel 10 M 80
Lizzie Covel 7 F 95
Marie Covel 11 F 94
Bertha Dickison 12 F 23
Eugene Diskison 6 M 22
Floyd Dickison 10 M 31
John Dickison 15 M 15
Adeline Gillian 10 F 74
Bertha Gillian 16 \f 45
Marcella Gillian 13 F 78
Wade Gillian 8 M 77
Erby Gynn 7 M 23
Gerlyn Gynn 5 F 34
Vance Gynn 8 F 29
Lester Hancock 10 M 118
Essie Harris 13 F 5
Elza Hoyl 9 M 27
Willie Kemp 14 M 34
Buster Lane 7 M 5
Gladys Lane 10 F 36
Baxter Looney 12 M 98
Dyros Looney 9 M 112
John Looney 17 M 14
Lola Looney 14 F 91
Lula Looney 6 F 93
Opal Shores 5 F 3
Barbie Shores 8 M 72
Ruby Shores 12 F 74
Walter Shores 15 M 57
Chalmor Shugart 6 M 78
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