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 Major County Genealogical Society

"Preserving the Past for the Future"

     Major County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 74
Fairview, OK 73737

We have moved to the Fairview City Library. Our meetings are still on the 1st Tuesday of each month but are held in the Fairview City Building Community Room beginning at 6:30pm for those who want help in the Library with their research. The Library closes at 7pm so we move to the Community Room for our meeting at that time.

Our dues are $15 per year. Includes the quarterly newsletter.

We will do research for $5 per hour plus copies for extend Research.

Will do lookups in the following Indexes @ $1 per surname per Index or $7 per surname for lookups in all the Indexes:
Major County Cemetery Book
Gloss Mountain Country, Major Co. History Book Vol. I & II
1906 Wood County, OK Standard Atlas (Major Co. was part of Woods Co. until statehood in 1907)
1895 Woods Co. OK Directory
1907-1908 Polk Directory for Major Co.
Federal Land Tract Records for Major Co.
Territorial Marriages for Major Co. 1893-1907
Probate Index
Obituary Index
Civil War Veterans Buried in Major County Cemeteries

If you are visiting Fairview, OK, the following items can be found in the Genealogy section of the Fairview City Library at South 6th and East Central:
Major County Genealogy Society Collection
1888-2000 Major County Cemetery Book
Gloss Mountain Country, Major Co. History Vol.  I & II
1906 Woods Co. OK Standard Atlas
1895 Woods Co. OK Directory (Copy)
1907-1908 Polk Directory for Major Co. - extracted Microfilm:
Federal Census for Major Co. 1900, 1910, 1920, & 1930
Federal Land Tract Records for Major Co.
Major Co. Courthouse Records through 1930 including Probate, Marriage, & Land (Microfilmed by the LDS in 1992)

Fairview City Library Collection:
Obituary File - Excellent Resource - on 3x5 Cards
Microfilm -Fairview Republican - Excellent source of County History & also the place to look if an obituary is not in the Obituary File.
Other old Major County Newspapers
Microfilm Reader/Printer
Oklahoma History Collection
Computers for patron use

Many other items are also available but these are the most important Major Co. resources.

Some Major County history

Major Co. was settled during the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893. It was a part of Woods Co. until Nov. 16, 1907 when Oklahoma became a state and Woods Co. was divided into Woods, Alfalfa, and Major Cos. The towns and communities were Alamo, Almeda, Ames, Bado, Barnes, Barney, Bernardi, Bertrand, Bostick, Chester, Clarion, Cleo Springs, Dane, Dyche, Elmot, Estelle, Fairbanks, Fairview, Gloss Mountains, Granton, Griever, Heman, Hoopville, Hoyle, Isabella, Lynn, Lyons, Media, Meno, Oneil, Orienta, Orion, Phroso, Plymouth, Prudence, Ringwood, Roscoe, Rusk, Sherman, Tivoli, Togo, Vilas, Walthall, Wooddale. Only Chester, Meno, Ringwood, Ames, Cleo Springs, Isabella, and Fairview remain although areas are still called by the towns they were associated with.

Fairview is the County Seat - although Cleo Springs wanted to be the County Seat and the Square is still there where they wanted to build the Courthouse!

We do have some information about surrounding counties - people in these bordering counties were often relatives of Major Co. people so some records on people of other counties can be found in our newspaper and other records.

For questions about the Major County Genealogical Society please contact:

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