Hoover School

Hoover School is located on the Murray county line at the site of Ft. Arbuckle.  After Ft. Arbuckle closed and moved to the site of Ft. Sill, many people still lived near the old fort's site.  The post office was changed in name from  Ft. Arbuckle to Arbuckle.  Some time later, the name was change to Hoover in honor of a local doctor.  Although Hoover was in Garvin county, the school was consolidated with Howard school to form the Joint Consolidated School District #1.  In English, that means that Murray and Garvin County shared the expenses and Murray county administered the school.  Later the Howard-Hoover School was consolidated to the Woodland School.  This group of people were a church group posed for a photograph in front of the Hoover school in 1902.

Contributed by Dennis Muncrief, November 2001.