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Interviews that deal with people of all nationalities with first-hand experience
of Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory, not just the Indian population

Name and Location in Okmulgee County

ADAMS, Dicey Stakes Okmulgee, OK
ALDRIDGE, Edmond Lee Henryetta, OK
ALEXANDER, Alex Okmulgee, OK
ANDERSON, Thomas A. Henryetta, OK
ANDREWS, John Henryetta, OK
BAKER, L. F. Henryetta, OK
BAKER, W. E. Henryetta, OK
BARRY, Nat Henryetta, OK
BEAVERS, Sam Henryetta, OK
BEHN, Frederic Hill Henryetta, OK
BEIDLEMAN, George Okmulgee, OK
BELL, Jasper Okmulgee, OK
BELL, W. S. (Mrs.) Okmulgee, OK
BENHAM, Flora Hogan Henryetta, OK
BENSON, William (D. W.) Okmulgee, OK
STAKES, Dicey Okmulgee, OK
BERRYHILL, Charles Augustus Okmulgee, OK
BIRD, Charlie Okmulgee, OK
BLAIR, Willie (Mrs.) Henryetta, OK
BOATMAN, A. N. Okmulgee, OK
BRANT, Charles Henryetta, OK
BROWN, F. D. Henryetta, OK
BRYSON, (Mrs.) Okmulgee, OK
BULLET, Millie Henryetta, OK
BURROUGHS, G. W. Henryetta, OK
BUTLER, M. L. Okmulgee, OK
CALHOUN, James M. Henryetta, OK
CANARD, Emma Checote Bell Okmulgee, OK
CAPPS, Robert Henryetta, OK
CHECOTE, Samuel Okmulgee, OK
COFFEE, Jimmy Henryetta, OK
COLLINS, Linda Henryetta, OK
COSTEN, C. W. Dewar, OK
COSTEN, Thomas Dewar, OK
CUNARD, Anna Belle Okmulgee, OK
DIXON, A. E. Okmulgee, OK
DODGE, Rachel Henryetta, OK
DONATH?N, D. W. (Dan) Okmulgee, OK
EDWARDS, Callie Henryetta, OK
ELKINS, A. Leroy (Rev.) Henryetta, OK
ELLIOTT, William Henryetta, OK
ESLICK, Beaden Henryetta, OK
FREEMAN, Mary Schulter, OK
GAMBLE, Mary Mell Henryetta, OK
GIBSON, Hettie Checote Derrisaw Okmulgee, OK
GILROY, Milley Fish Henryetta, OK
GILROY, Thomas A. Henryetta, OK
GIPSON, S. M. Okmulgee, OK
GOZA, Belle Shively Okmulgee, OK
GRAYSON, Adam Pharoah, OK
GRAYSON, Alice Marshall Henryetta, OK
GRAYSON, Joe M. Henryetta, OK
GRAYSON, Mary Okmulgee, OK
GRIFFIN, Hal W. Okmulgee, OK
GUINN, Texanner Dewar, OK
HALL, Bessie Henryetta, OK
HAMILTON, Robert M. Okmulgee, OK
HAMILTON, Robert Willis Okmulgee, OK
HARDIN, Minda Greer Henryetta, OK
HARJO, Chapley & wife Louisa Henryetta, OK
HARKRIDER, J. H. Henryetta, OK
HARRISON, Katie Okmulgee, OK
HART, Bill Okmulgee, OK
HAWKINS, Lee Henryetta, OK
HAYNES, Sam Okmulgee, OK
HAYNES, Samuel J. Okmulgee, OK
HENRY, Hugh Henryetta, OK
HENRY, Hugh (Mrs.)
HICKMAN, M. C. (Mrs.)
HOLT, W. Thomas Henryetta, OK
IVY, J. W. Henryetta, OK
JACKSON, Lemuel Okmulgee, OK
JACKSON, Sonny Okmulgee, OK
JAMES, William Henryetta, OK
JOHNSON, Fred Henryetta, OK
JOHNSON, S. L. (Mrs.) Okmulgee, OK
JUDY, Effie May Henryetta, OK
KELLEY, Agnes Okmulgee, OK
KELLEY, James P. Henryetta, OK
KELLY, Robert Hoffman, OK
KING, William Henryetta, OK
LAWRENCE, Bell Whinery Dyer Okmulgee, OK
LEWIS, Dave B. Henryetta, OK
LEWIS, Winey Henryetta, OK
LINDLEY, C. E. Henryetta, OK
LOWE, Mahaley Schulter, OK
LUCKY, Lewis E. Okmulgee, OK
MANN, George Louis Dewar, OK
MAYES, D. L. Henryetta, OK
MERRICK, Joe F. Henryetta, OK
MILLER, Sebron Okmulgee, OK
MONDAY, March Morris, OK
MORGAN, Ernest B. Dewar, OK
MORTON, P. K. Okmulgee, OK
MORTON, Tucker W. Okmulgee, OK
MORTON, William P. Okmulgee, OK
MOULDS, D. W. Henryetta, OK
MCMAHAN, Anna Henryetta, OK
MCDERMOTT, Jesse Henryetta, OK
MCELHANNAN, B. K. Henryetta, OK
MCINTOSH, John D. (Cap.) Henryetta, OK
MCINTOSH, Siegal E. Henryetta, OK
MCINTOSH, Simon Okmulgee, OK
MCMAHON, William Henryetta, OK
MCMULLEN, Arnold Henryetta, OK
MCNAC, Phillip Henryetta, OK
PALMER, Eliza Okmulgee, OK
PALMER, John Okmulgee, OK
PARNELL, Dora B. Henryetta, OK
PENDERGRASS, D. C. Henryetta, OK
PERRYMAN, Silla Dewar, OK
PICKERING, Levi Henryetta, OK
PICKETT, Joe Okmulgee, OK
PIERCE, Walter Henryetta, OK
POYNTER, Pink (Mrs.) Henryetta, OK
PRICE, James C. Henryetta, OK
PROCTOR, Susan Okmulgee, OK
PROCTOR, Susie Okmulgee, OK
PRUITT, Nancy E. Shulter, OK
RANDALL, Ella Sullivan Okmulgee, OK
REDDING, Ruth Henryetta, OK
REDFORD, Zack Dewar, OK
REMILLER, John Henryetta, OK
RENTIE, Louis Henryetta, OK
REYNOLDS, Martha Henryetta, OK
RIDDLE, Polly Dewar, OK
ROACH, Ada M. Schulter, OK
ROBE, John M. Okmulgee, OK
ROLLAND, Peter Beggs, OK
RYAL, L. Bun Henryetta, OK
SANGER, Steve Okmulgee, OK
SAPULPA, William Bald Hill, OK
SAPULPA, William A. Okmulgee, OK
SCOTT, J. W. Henryetta, OK
SHAFFER, H. C. Henryetta, OK
SHIELDS, C. J. Okmulgee, OK
SIMPSON, Jim Henryetta, OK
SMITH, Cora Henryetta, OK
SMITH, D. M. Okmulgee, OK
SMITH, Foley Henryetta, OK
SMITH, Isa S. Henryetta, OK
SMITH, Island Henryetta, OK
SNAKEYA, Charley Okmulgee, OK
STAKES, Dicey Okmulgee, OK
STARR, Daniel Henryetta, OK
STEWARD, John Henry Henryetta, OK
STIPES, D. L. Henryetta, OK
STOUT, Ina Okmulgee, OK
TAYLOR, Eli Henryetta, OK
TAYLOR, Sessie Derrisaw Okmulgee, OK
THOMPSON, Al Okmulgee, OK
THOMPSON, Ned Henryetta, OK
TIGER, Sampson Henryetta, OK
TIGER, Simpson Henryetta, OK
TIGER, Susan H. Henryetta, OK
TOWERY, Nancy Dewar, OK
WALKER, Stella Henryetta, OK
WALLACE, Guy Okmulgee, OK
WARD, Charley W. Okmulgee, OK
WARD, Leroy Henryetta, OK
WARREN, Ned Henryetta, OK
WASHINGTON, Susie Henryetta, OK
WATSON, Joe Bob Henryetta, OK
WATSON, John W. Henryetta, OK
WESTPHAL, Fred Henryetta,
WILCOX, Carrie E. Okmulgee, OK
WILLHITE, Andrew J. Henryetta, OK
WILLIAMS, I. F. Henryetta, OK
WILLIAMS, W. O. Henryetta, OK
WILSON, John M. Schulter, OK
WOODS, Julia Henryetta, OK
WOODS, Tice Henryetta, OK
YATES, Belle M. Henryetta, OK

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